Simone Biles' husband addresses criticism for saying he's the ‘catch' in the relationship

Owens' Response to Criticism

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Unbothered" Response

Owens shared Instagram posts from his and Biles' wedding, captioning it "Unbothered" to signify that they are firmly committed to each other despite the controversy.


Interview Comments Spark Backlash

Owens faced backlash after making comments during an interview about how he "pulled" Biles and initially not recognizing her Olympic fame.


How They Met

The couple met on the dating app Raya in August 2020, with Owens initially unaware of Biles' status as a renowned Olympic gymnast. He realized her celebrity status only after connecting with her.


Relationship Development

Owens shared insights into their relationship's development, highlighting the challenges posed by the pandemic and the distance between them.


Owens' Perspective

Owens expressed his belief that men are also "the catch" and discussed his initial hesitation to commit before realizing the strength of their connection.