Winter solstice 2023

Winter solstice 2023

Winter Solstice Traditions


The winter solstice is celebrated with ripening persimmons adorning trees, symbolizing the sun's rebirth. Ancient customs like placing evergreen branches symbolize life triumphing over darkness.

Embracing Retreat


Leading to the solstice, it's a time for retreat, nurturing ideas and energy for spring. Slowing down is valued, advocating unapologetic hibernation for renewal.

Winter: Farmer's Pause


Winter slows farming, shifting focus to tending hardy crops. The serene season offers introspection amidst nature's beauty.

Finding Beauty in Stillness


Slowing down unveils winter's splendor: bare branches' dance, vibrant evergreens against snowy backdrops.

Concerns Amidst Beauty


Climate change brings worries—weather shifts, fiercer predators, and altered seasons affect farming and the environment.

Seeking Reflection in Darkness


Winter's darkness invites reflection, urging solace and understanding amidst challenges.

Reimagining Solutions


Recognizing prior efforts' limitations, there's a need for introspective change in addressing global issues.